About the Iowa Horse Council

The Iowa Horse Council is a 501(c)(3) organization, which is a volunteer based, non-profit organization that believes in the value of horses and horse activities that serves and supports the entire industry through communication, education, and promotion.

The IHC represents all equine related interests.  It has been working for all of the “horse people” in Iowa, which includes owners, breeders, veterinarians, farriers, state breed organizations, horseman’s associations, race tracks, horse shows, trail riders, 4-H members, commercial suppliers, and all other individuals, groups, and companies involved in the equine industry.

The IHC is structured with one board of directors, five major committees and several sub-committees within each committee.  The board of directors and committees work to accomplish set objective and goals each year.

Objective & Goals:

  • Host the Annual Iowa Horse Fair.
  • Promote the horse industry at the Iowa State Fair.
  • Encourage and support programs developed by 4-H, FFA, and youth events.
  • Promote horse related activities, facilities, and/or programs of beneficial interest to the horse industry in Iowa.
  • Monitor pending legislation that will affect the horse owner.
  • Monitor national & international issues affecting Iowa’s equine industry and communicate those issues.


  • Promoted and produced the annual Iowa Horse Fair since 1984.
  • Publishes The Iowa Horse.
  • Provides dollars to the Youth and 4-H Equine Endowment.
  • Provides funding for educational activities for youth groups, 4-H and FFA.
  • Provided in part the Horse Industry Handbook to all counties in Iowa.
  • Member of the American Horse Council.
  • Publishes the Iowa Horse Industry Directory.
  • Established an equine emergency fund to use for equine welfare cases.
  • Established annual recognition awards.
  • Successfully wrote, lobbied, and passed the Iowa’s Equine Liability Legislation.
  • Applied for, staffed, selected site, and set format for the Equestrian Venue at the Iowa Games.